May 5, 2008

“Time flies when you are having fun”…or studying for exams. The days following the concert flew by and now I can’t believe I am going home TOMORROW. It will be great to go home for a bit, work some hours at the library and focus on packing because I leave for Luxembourg next Sunday! I have to admit, I hate packing and having to do it three times in a row (packing up my room, unpacking, and packing for the trip) is going to be a hassle. The fact that I am going to spend a month in Europe certainly makes up for it though! A few of my friends who are currently studying abroad are thinking of visiting me while I am there and accompanying us on our weekend trips to Amsterdam, Belgium and Paris, it will be great to see them!

The past few days have definitely been full of “end of the year” events. The annual CAB banquet was great; Jimmy, Alexandra and I put together a pretty impressive slide show if I do say so myself and everyone seemed to enjoy their time together. I attached a picture of the new and old CAB board, as well as a picture of the outgoing Executive Board. CAB is losing six seniors and I honestly can’t believe it. My friend who is graduating told me that it is probably harder for those left behind and I would have to agree. It is difficult to imagine a Holy Cross campus without my senior friends and even more difficult to believe that I am going to be leaving after next year! I was also invited to the Forbes Library children’s room BBQ to send off the Smith College work study students who work on the opposite schedule that I do. My boss Jude invited us all to her house and I had a great time, I can’t wait to start working at the library again! My roommate found me on the other day pouring over lists of new Children’s literature to get ready for the summer reference questions; needless to say she was a bit confused as to why I was looking up If You Give a Mouse a Cookie instead of researching the impact of Dracula on Irish culture…it’s all part of the job! My job in the Religious Studies department is also ending for the year, I couldn’t ask for a better department to work in and I can’t wait to return next year. My boss Cathi will keep me posted on all the Red Sox updates I need while I am in Luxembourg I am sure!

The workload for my 5 courses, especially at the end of the year, has been intense. Luckily my exams have been going fairly well and my Irish Catholicism seminar paper on Dracula is the last thing due before my trip; it’ll be nice to be have the sense of accomplishment when I turn everything in. I also got some good news this past week that certainly helped alleviate the stress of finals…I am going to be a Senior Interviewer next year! That means I get to interview potential members of the class of 2013 and work with admissions in a capacity different from being a tour guide. I can’t wait and was honored to have been given the opportunity.

I hope to update once more before leaving for Luxembourg but until then I will echo my friend Amy’s blog by saying congratulations to the Holy Cross Class of 2012, I know most people made their decisions a few days ago. Get ready for the best four years of your life!



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