May 19, 2008

We have had a lot of down time this week so I actually get to use one of the two computers here! I re read the past few entries and have discovered that they were definitely lacking in the quality aspect. It is difficult to blog and write emails to friends and family all within a half hour block of time. I would therefore like to apologize for a few things..

  1. I am staying in a town called Mondorf les Bains, not Mordorf, though both sound very cool
  2. I am still having problems finding the apostrophe key so bear with me
  3. I received an email from my mom today expressing dismay over my use of the word amazing. She so kindly sent me at least a dozen synonyms for it so I plan on using those accordingly

Poor grammar aside, the sun is finally shining here in Luxembourg! This week is our most academically challenging according to Professor Green who teaches my history class and I would have to agree. Learning WWII in 5 days is certainly a difficult task, tomorrow should be great though, we are learning about Fascism and how it appealed to the German people before WWII then we are going to Trier, Germany! Before my trip, when I told people I was going to Luxembourg I usually got two questions: Are you going to Bruges (check that one off the list) and are you going to Trier…I can’t wait! The weather is supposed to be nice throughout the week and weekend which is good because I plan on doing a lot of walking around in both Trier and Amsterdam.

I am attaching a few pictures that my friend Lexie took on our trip to Bruges and Brussels. She is studying at Oxford for the year and was able to meet up with us! Most are of Bruges but there is one of the Brussels skyline and of the garden in Mondorf that is absolutely gorgeous.








It is odd to think that we have only been here about a week, yet I still can’t believe how fast time is moving!




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