June 6, 2008

These past couple of days have absolutely flown by and I am amazed that I am going to be on a plane headed home TOMORROW.

Yesterday I went with Professor Green and the rest of the History class to Strasbourg in France. On the way we visited the Convent of St.Odile which was in the Vosges Mountains. There was an impressive view of the surrounding towns and you could even see the Black Forest in the distance in Germany! We made a few stops in the wine villages of the Alsace region; Professor Green let us walk around and take in the sights. We had been learning a lot about the region in terms of the tension between the French and the Germans preceding the World Wars and it was interesting that even though the street signs were in French, the region was decidedly German.

Strasbourg, with its canals and huge Cathedral, was great as well. We went into the Cathedral and took a canal tour through the city. It was supposed to rain all day but we didn`t see a single drop! We had dinner at a VERY authentic French restaurant called "Pasta and Pizza" then made our way back to Mondorf. It was our last and, in my opinion, best field trip.

Today was our last full day and after a review session for the History class we all got "pretty" as Uwe says and took multiple group and class pictures. After that we went to the best restaurant in Luxembourg (no sarcasm here, it`s literally the best-5 star and everything!) run by Lea Linster, an award winning chef. We had a gourmet meal, complete with multiple courses and never ending drinks. It was fantastic but I am in a "food coma," I ate far too much! It was worth it though!

I want to say a quick congratulations to all the Seniors who graduated in the past week from Holy Cross. I will miss you all so much and the school won`t be the same without you! The even scarier thought is that that will be ME next year!

My next entry will be from home-I can`t believe it!







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