June 26, 2008

I am very happy to say that I added pictures to all of my previous entries so make sure to check back and see the visuals I tried to feebly describe throughout my stay in Europe! I did take, much to my parent’s shock, 900 pictures but I am working on narrowing them down to ones that I definitely want to print, it is nice to know though that I will have A LOT of pictures to remember my trip by.

This past week I spent a lot of time working at the library again and reconnecting with old friends in Northampton. One of my friends leaves for France next week and another just returned from South Africa. It is incredible the experiences you are given while in college, both to see the world and to learn about yourself at school. Speaking of people coming and going, I am ecstatic to report that one of my best friends (and fellow blogger) Amy Mullen returned safely to the US on Wednesday and (even more exciting) I will be visiting her on Sunday! It is great to have people home and senior year is looking better and better!

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