August 26, 2008

I figured since I just returned from my wonderful “vacation from vacation” in Disneyworld, I should probably start updating again, especially now that preparations for school are underway!

This summer has been a work-filled yet restive one. May Term was such a fast paced and exciting experience that it felt great to get into a regular routine and relax a little bit. I have been working at the library almost everyday this summer and it has been such a joy. I have started incorporating skills I learned at Holy Cross, especially in CAB, to my job and was able to help coordinate an event for a popular book release as well as talk about my travels with the patrons that saw my postcards on the wall. I really could not ask for a better job or better co-workers, it is fun to go to a job every day where you can read picture books aloud on a whim, have stamps of Curious George all over your hands, and become skilled at answering the question “My child loved Harry Potter…what do I do now?” (you wouldn’t believe how often I get that one!) I attached some pictures of the Forbes Library Children’s room to give you an idea of where I spent the majority of my summer (the big fish is named Paco, he is the mascot of the children’s room!)

I had other fun little events this summer as well. I was able to make it out to Providence to visit with fellow blogger Amy Mullen and my friend Lexie, both of whom studied abroad. I thought it might be strange, especially because I had not seen Amy since September when she visited me but it was amazing how quickly everything came back to normal…friendship transcends oceans obviously! Amy, Jen and Abby, all of whom studied in Spain last year also made it out to Northampton for the sidewalks sales and it was great to show them around even if we were interrupted by one of a the many thunderstorms we have had this summer. Disneyworld was another great part of my summer; I had not been since I was in 8th grade and believe it or not I enjoyed it even more this time! As my mom said, “It was as magical as when you were younger, only now you have stamina!” This was certainly true and I had a great time reliving my childhood with my family.

With less 3 days left before I go back to school on the 28th in preparation for Freshman move in day, First Night, and the Mass of the Holy Spirit, I am having a hard time believing this summer is almost over and an even harder time believing I am truly a senior! Excitement is the overriding emotion however and after long email exchanges and phone conversations with my roommates, I think we have the apartment planned out and I can’t wait to get back to school!






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