August 28, 2008

There is no denying it now, I am definitely a Senior! I moved into my apartment Thursday and am still working at unpacking before my other three roommates arrive. It’s been great walking around campus and seeing all my friends, many of whom I have not seen in over a year because they were abroad!

The next few days will actually be devoted to Freshmen, hopefully it will take my mind off being a Senior! On Friday I am going to the Leadership Luncheon and meeting with the CAB E-board to discuss ideas for next year, our fall retreat and the upcoming concert on September 1st with Pete Francis, the drummer from the band Dispatch. Saturday is what I like to call my "7 AM to 2 AM marathon". I have to get up bright and early to help move Freshmen in. For any incoming Freshmen reading this, get ready for a fun day because you can all sit back and relax while we carry your stuff in! I still remembering pulling up to Hanselman and having students and a few professors swarm my car… my things were carried in before I even had a chance to touch them! It seems fitting that I will be stationed at Hanselman this year, it seems like I have come full circle in a way. Feel free to say "Hello!"…unless I am buried under a futon, TV, shoe rack or desk chair in which case I may not be able to reply!

After moving people in I am running over to the Mass of the Holy Spirit, the first mass on campus for Freshman, their families and the Holy Cross community. It’s a beautiful mass, a fair number of tears are shed by parents and students alike, and I always love Greeting at it. Hopefully the rain holds off so it can be outside!

After mass is a CAB dinner then our first event of the year, Freshman First Night! The Special Committee always puts on the event, complete with inflatable obstacle courses, dancing, cotton candy and a Hawaiian themed cake! It’s always a fun event and us CABbies will be there until the wee hours of the morning making sure it goes perfectly.

The next couple of days will certainly be hectic, but as more and more friends arrive I am sure I will be able to cope with anything!

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