September 25, 2008

I feel like the beginning of this year has been one giant puzzle and all the pieces are slowly falling into place. I sat down last week and planned out literally every hour of the last few days and it really helped me to know exactly where I was supposed and what I had to be doing. It also helps that I am feeling more confident in the commitments I am doing, whether it be learning how to use Excel for CAB or practicing a firm handshake for interviewing.

Speaking of interviewing, it has finally started! After doing two shadow interviews and meeting with my mentor in admissions Amanda (you can check out their blog) I got to “go solo” for the first time on Wednesday and then again on Thursday. I can honestly say I was surprised just how much I enjoyed it! I’ll admit, I was probably much more nervous than the first girl I interviewed but by the end everything seemed to run smoothly. I already can’t wait for next Tuesday when I get to do it again!

Along with interviewing there have been some fun events here at Holy Cross, one of which was on Friday when CAB brought a HUGE outdoor movie screen to show Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on the Hart Lawn. It was a chilly night but lots of students grabbed blankets, pillows, Kimball trays and even an air mattress and made the trek up the hill for free popcorn and a great movie. I added some pictures of the set up, including a humorous one of some CABbies standing by the 125 foot screen with an interesting movie playing!

After Friday I went home for the first time this semester for my grandmother’s 72nd birthday and had a great time with the masses of relative who assembled; I added a picture from Christmas to give you some idea! It was great to be home and with Columbus Day weekend coming soon I am looking forward to relaxing from the hectic schedule I have made for myself. Only Apple Picking, Cranium nights, 1000 pages of Bleak House by Charles Dickens and a celebratory speech about a yet-to-be-determined subject stand between me and home! It should be an exciting few weeks!




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