November 1, 2008

The end of October has been a rather stressful but altogether wonderful time! The academic workload is really getting intense as more papers and tests have rolled around but my professors are definitely stepping up to the challenge of keeping us engaged. In my Victorian Novel class we just finished Bleak House by Charles Dickens, a 1,000 page novel with over 25 characters. We spent approximately the ENTIRE month of October on that book and to keep us engaged, Professor Coriale instituted “Bleak House Fridays” where we would discuss the book for 30 minutes then partake in doughnuts and movie watching (of the Bleak House mini-series of course) for the other 20 minutes. I am actually starting to miss those “Bleak House Fridays”, though not the 1000 page novel I must admit!

I also had a “Learning Opportunity” (it took me a good week to realize that meant “exam”) in my Age of Jackson course with Fr. Kuzniewski.  He held a study session the night before but the best part was definitely the email we got prior to the session…

Fellow Jacksonians,
           With Halloween near, you may be worried
           As you study hard with schedules hurried,
           That the mid-term's content will be quite scary,
           Loaded with traps and questions most hairy.
           No need to worry, tonight we'll review
          All you remember, whatever seems new.
          At eight in the evening, O'Kane 365
          Feel welcome to be there, bright and alive.

So when I say that the professors are one of my favorite parts of this school to the students and parents I am giving tours to or interviewing, hopefully now you can see why!

Halloween also made the end of this month fun. Last Monday the CAB Co-Chairs all went to Ben’s house (he is CAB’s advisor) to carve pumpkins and eat his delicious apple pie, apple crisp, apple dip and apples. I definitely ate my weight in apples that night but Jimmy and I carved a fantastic pumpkin…well, I drew the face and cut the pieces out while he dealt with all the icky goop inside. I attached a picture of course!

The actual night of Halloween fell on a Friday and was a lot of fun! I feel that by senior year, most of us understand the importance of a costume. Freshmen year we were still unsure about how “cool” we needed to be but by the time senior year rolled along, everyone was ready to go all out. I found a $7 yellow dress at the costume sale so I decided to go as Belle, my favorite Disney princess because SHE READS! Over the course of the night I met a hot dog, Priscilla Presley, Candy Corn, five or six Jokers, the Spice Girls (literally, there was Oregano, Paprika, Chili Powder…), Jesus and the number nine. I have attached some pictures but they really don’t do the night justice, it was a great time!


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