March 13, 2009

It has been over a week now since my time in Waverly and I am going to try to thank everyone and anyone who made that trip the powerful time it was.

Thanks to Marty, Dave and Meg who worked so hard at putting together the groups and for giving me the best one (unbiased opinion of course)

Thanks to my parents and family who have always supported me in doing these programs and a special shout out to my sister Katherine who turns 20 today!

Thanks to Beth Alizzi (check her out on the Spirit of Holy Cross) for being a great group leader for the other Waverly group and thanks to “Waver-bee” for making this trip ten times more rewarding and fun!

Thanks to Shannon Drew for driving and waiting with Brian and me for 5 and a half hours to get a simple tetanus shot and for being so friendly and personable.

Thanks to Jay for leading us in song throughout week and good luck with your wedding and with the lovely Charve, we are all expecting invitations to the ceremony

Thanks to Red, Garry and John for letting us take 10 minute to knock down a shelf that would take any of you one hammer swing and for telling us your stories and letting us see your lives

Thanks to Brenda Drew for working so hard without any desire for reward or recognition. You are truly inspirational and remind me so much of my own mom who I love dearly, I think you will see all your hard work pay off in the future and I hope your 25th wedding anniversary is lovely!

Thanks to Pastor Marvin Drew for being the rock that this entire experience was based on. You and your church family have single-handedly brought new life to Waverly and your big dream will come true, I know it.

Finally and most importantly, thank you to Laura, Colleen, Brian, Garry, Christina, Casey, John Joe, Julie, Rosi, Liz, Kathryn, Kate and Marjorie. I don’t think a more perfect 13 people could have been put into my group and your enthusiasm, hope and desire to do good still inspires me. You ALL have greatness in you.

Thanks for reading!

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