The end is near…

The end is 4 days away to be precise! Four days is all the separates me from my amazing undergrad career and the “real world” everyone has told me about. I am hoping this “real world” is even half as good as my time spent here, these four years will be hard to top!

The past week was the perfect mixture of relaxation and work, vacation and home, friends and family, a great way to lead up to Senior week! Last Sunday to Tuesday I went to Cape Cod and stayed with some of my friends there. We shopped at the Wellfleet flea market, frolicked in the FREEZING ocean (for about 3 seconds, we just stuck our toes in), journeyed to Provincetown and explored the multiple Yarmouths (we stayed in South Yarmouth, but saw Yarmouth, West Yarmouth and Yarmouth Port). The trip was a lot of fun, especially because I will be living in Yarmouth Port and teaching in Hyannis for the next two years! I got to show the high school I will be teaching at to a lot of my friends and even tried to find the house I will be living in! I can’t wait to start that new chapter in my life and though my mom warns me that first year teachers have no time for fun, it will still be nice to live in another part of the state for a while at least.

After my time at the Cape, I went home for the remainder of the week. It was so nice to be home, relaxing and spending time with the family. I also got to work at the library which was a lot of fun, very enjoyable and certainly profitable. I was glad I got to relax and do work that I love for those few days because this week will be a bit crazy! Senior Week started yesterday and my friends and I have created a fun schedule so we can squeeze every last second out of the time we have together. Fun events include a Senior reflection lunch, where I will be able to hear speeches from some of my friends, a trip to Culpeppers for brunch, going to hike around Purgatory Chasm, and maybe even filming a horror movie (don’t ask). Mixed in with those fun activities will certainly be some bitterweet goodbyes. I already aid goodbye to my underclassmen friends and today my boss Cathi from Religious Studies took me out for an amazing lunch. Graduation day will certainly be emotional, I honestly don’t know how I will handle it. You’ll find out soon though, don’t worry!

A bit too cold for a swim

A bit too cold for a swim

Future teachers!

Future teachers!

Flying a kite in P-town!

Flying a kite in P-town!

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