May 12, 2008

I have arrived! The flight over to Luxembourg was long and bumpy —  not good for someone who hates flying like me. Luckily I had friends to keep me distracted and was able to sleep most of the way. We arrived in Germany at about 10:30 a. m. (European time) then took a three hour bus ride to the place we are staying in Mordorf le Bains, Luxembourg. It is absolutely gorgeous here, rolling hills, fields of beautiful yellow flowers, and it helps that it is 80 degrees and sunny!

There is a festival going on in town tonight so we plan on going there tonight and enjoying our first dinner together,. I promise to write more once I have a handle on this crazy European keyboard and send along pictures too. It seems like this is going to be an amazing experience and I can’t wait for everything to start!

Can you tell I am a bit jetlagged?

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