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April 23, 2008

April 23rd, 2008 by emhest09

You really can’t beat Holy Cross in the Spring, it is such a beautiful campus and after a rather rough winter everyone here seems to want to spend every waking minute outside. This worked well for us at CAB because Battle of the Bands was this past Saturday and the weather was amazing! As the pictures will show there were very few people who were NOT at Kimball Quad enjoying the music and the sun. My mom will be glad to hear I did not get a burn (I used sunscreen!), unfortunately some of my friends were not so lucky…I guess it’s the price you pay for soaking up the sun! Lauren and Brian (the co-chairs of the 10 Spot committee and the two people in charge of the event) did a GREAT job and turned the day into a huge success.




This week has been hectic but fun. It was helpful that it started off on a good note with the news we are living in a Senior Apartment, I mean, in the newly named Edward Bennett Williams Hall. I put a picture in this entry because I honestly can’t believe we got one! Wednesday night I went to O’Conner’s restaurant (DELICIOUS) with my Irish Catholicism seminar. The week before we went to Professor Reynolds house so she is definitely spoiling us. It makes me really sad that these 5 classes are ending so soon, I really enjoyed all of them. I won’t miss the 5 class workload though!

Now for my shameless Spring Weekend plug. As I mentioned before, I serve as the Point Person in CAB for the “Special Committee” which organizes Spring Weekend. Every committee in CAB is required to have an event and this year the caliber of events has gone way up (though I have to say-seeing as Alexie and I were in charge of it-last years was awesome as well). Alexandra and Mary, the Special co-chairs this year have spent SO much time and effort on making this weekend amazing and I know it will pay off. I will slip in the schedule here and expect a BIG recap next entry!

Dominate ’08!
Spring Weekend Kick-off- Thursday, April 24th, 5-8, Upper Kimball

Christian Finnegan: The Indecision Tour 2008 – Friday, April 25th, 10 pm, Hogan Ballroom, tickets sold all week at Hogan $5 and at the doors

Spring Weekend Olympics- Friday, April 25th, 11:30-2, Field house

Spring Weekend Carnival/ BBQ- Saturday, April 26th, 4:30-8:30, Hart Center Lawn

Fireworks Show- Saturday, April 26th, 8:30-9, Hart Center Lawn

GrooveBoston (aka The Biggest Dance Party HC has EVER seen!)- Saturday, April 26th, Fieldhouse

Holy Cross Spring Concert 2008: Jason Mraz, Everclear, Special Guests Bushwalla and Justin Kredible- Tuesday, April 29th, doors open at 7, Tickets are on sale at the bookstore $20 HC student, $25 consortium, and $35 public

April 16, 2008

April 17th, 2008 by emhest09

Less then two weeks left of classes? You have got to be kidding me. The prospect of being a Senior is slowly starting to sink in; if you ask almost any Junior how they feel about having the school year end so soon you will probably get the response “I don’t want to talk about it.” Is it too late to add a graduate school program here? A retirement home perhaps?

This past week seems to have been focused on Senior year. We selected courses at the crack of dawn (alright, only 7:00 a.m.) last week and I was lucky enough to get everything I wanted, including the elusive Rhetoric class that I have wanted to take since Sophomore year! I will be taking two history classes and two english classes for the third time in a row and I wouldn’t have it any other way. On Tuesday we got our housing appointments and on Thursday we have housing selection. My roommate Kena and our (hopefully!) future roommates Edna and Esme are keeping our fingers crossed for an apartment, we’ll see how it goes!

This weekend is the RSO Student Leadership Conference and Jimmy Doan and I are going on behalf of CAB. Not only do I get to attend, but I am presenting an Educational Session with Jimmy and Ben (our advisor) on mentoring within an organization, as well as sitting in on a round table discussion about programming on campus. It should be a good experience, but there is a lot of work to get done before that!

Saturday also happens to be the annual Battle of the Bands sponsored by the CAB 10 Spot committee. It was a fantastic day last year, everyone sat out on Kimball Quad listening to their classmate’s rock out (much to the dismay of those involved with the wedding that happened to be scheduled the same day) and I am sure this year’s Battle of the Bands will be a huge success too! Hopefully the weather will remain as nice as it has been, especially because Sunday is the Admissions Open House for admitted students. I will be stationed at Hogan Campus Center in the morning to serve as a “stationary tour guide” then I will be selling the always popular "God’s on Our Side" shirts that CAB is known for.

I promised myself I would not use the word “busy” in this entry, but it really is the only way to describe this upcoming weekend. We’ll see how it goes!

Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

April 11th, 2008 by emhest09

I guess this blog will be slightly different than others because I will be starting it at the end of one year and writing until the very end of another. Hopefully you will be able to keep an interest in what I promise will be a very busy life!

Busy seems to be my mantra lately. As I walk by friends on the way to class, I am realizing that I have not had a decent conversation with them since I have been back from Christmas break. Even my friends abroad are noticing (the care packages are coming soon I promise!) and it seems like everyone here is running around at a hectic pace. My decision to take 5 classes this semester may also be the reason I seem so busy, but helping to oversee the planning of Spring Weekend, mentally packing for my trip to Luxembourg in May, and facing many huge and important papers in the upcoming weeks certainly isn’t helping to lighten the workload!

CAB (the Campus Activities Board) has, like always, taken up a large amount of time but it paid off the other night with the Spring Fling Dance. I am the secretary on the Executive Board of CAB but I am also the Point Person to the Special Committee, Social Committee and Arts and Outings Committee. This means that I am a resource and general cheerleader for the groups that plan events like Spring Weekend, the OppKnocks Dance and off campus trips to places like NYC and Newport (which is coming up next weekend).

The Spring Fling Dance, which was run by Social, was Friday night in the ballroom and Nicole and MaryBeth who are the Social co-chairs worked really hard to make everything perfect. The Hogan Ballroom became a Hawaiian Luau and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, especially the CAB members that went, as you can see from the elegant and not-so-elegant pictures I posted with this entry.

This week has started out at a fast pace but by the end of it I should be able to visit Newport and relax for a bit. I have been working on guidance lessons for my Education class, and this past Tuesday we finally got to present them! Talking to 5th graders about Problem Solving methods was definitely a step outside the normal reading and writing associated with my three English and two History courses, but it was certainly a welcome step. I also got to see my Appalachia group (another fun picture to look at) for the first time in weeks; we had a great time watching our very own Justin Winn perform at the 10 Spot, he did a great job! Hopefully the rest of the week will go well then it is off to Newport on Saturday!

Welcome to the life of a Holy Cross Junior in April!

Junior year memories

April 10th, 2008 by emhest09

Just a few photographs from Junior Year…..   

Hestonjunior0409 Hestonjunior041709 Hestonjunior0309_2