June 18, 2008

How do you come to terms with the experience of a lifetime coming to an end? With great difficulty, let me assure you! The flight home last Saturday evening was difficult, the in flight entertainment did not work and halfway through we hit a patch of turbulence that scared me so much that the stranger sitting next to me told me to breathe (it helped!)…I really hate flying!

Now that it has been a couple of weeks since I was in Luxembourg, I have had time to reflect on my experience abroad and honestly I can’t find one bad thing to say about it. Going into Junior year was rather difficult because most of my friends had chosen to Study Abroad for the entire year. I was tempted to as well, and Holy Cross has a great program, but I knew that a whole year was not for me. I don’t regret my decision at all; I was able to take my favorite classes of my college career so far, gain leadership experience and have a great time through CAB, and I made a bunch of new friends while still keeping in touch with my friends abroad. The Luxembourg Program rounded out this experience in that it gave me the opportunity to study abroad, even though it was just for a month. I went to 5 different countries, traveled by air, water and land, took 900 (no exaggeration) pictures and got to study History in a totally new and unique atmosphere. The smile that was plastered on my face throughout the trip has definitely not gone away and I am so grateful to my parents, for letting me go on the trip, Uwe the director of the program, for being so organized and thoughtful, Professor Green for teaching us at a level I have never experienced before and to everyone who made the trip a total success!

That being said, I will add a bunch of pictures to my previous entries that coincide with the day trips, weekend trips, and general fun I had abroad. This entry has a bunch of pictures of Mondorf, including our rooms and classrooms as well as the town itself. I hope you enjoy them!

This week has been a great one, I am totally back into the swing of things on this side of the Atlantic! I worked everyday at the library which has been such a joy, I loved sharing the pictures with my boss Jude and co-workers Stephanie and Emily and was thrilled with my surprise birthday party that they threw me! I also got to hang out with my friends from home, unfortunately my friend Anthony left for Rome just as I got back so there was a shortened reunion with him. I can’t wait for the rest of my summer to really get started, Europe is hard to beat though!





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