September 11, 2008

The whirlwind of activity has yet to die down here on Mount Saint James, it’s difficult to snatch even an hour of free time! The first weekend of school was a fun and successful one. I helped move first years into Hanselman and the best part of the day was carrying a huge suitcase into my freshman year room (Hanselman 213, the vault, in case you were wondering). My misty eyes and words of adoration seemed to terrify the girl I helped move in but hopefully her year will be as good as mine was! Freshman First Night was also a success, I learned how to make smoothies, how NOT to slide down a giant inflatable slide and how to warn someone before dropping an entire barrel of ice…all great life skills I am sure. The Mass of the Holy Spirit, one of my favorite Holy Cross traditions, was held indoors for the first time in my four years here but that made it even more powerful in my opinion. Colleen mentioned it in her blog and though it was EXTREMELY hot in there, I was deeply moved by the parent’s blessing and memories of my own first day at Holy Cross came back. Since this entry has been a little too nostalgic, I’ll work my way back to the present.

Some highlights of the first week of school and classes include giving a tour to new faculty (with fellow blogger Colleen Curran of course) and starting work again in the Religious Studies office. I also cooked for the first time in my apartment and though my mom warned me not to burn anything, I made it through grilled cheese and mac and cheese just fine! I’m taking baby steps, I plan on being a 5 star chef by the end of the year! We also had a very successful CAB retreat and the first few CAB events have been definite successes. Interviewing begins next week and I can’t wait, I have already done some observations and I can’t wait to meet potential Holy Crossers…I have definitely been missing the interaction because my first tour of the year was empty (which was probably a good thing because there was a flash flood warning and thunder, but it would have been an adventure!)

Classes have started as well and I think I am in for a lot of work, a lot of learning and a VERY interesting semester. I am taking two English classes and two History classes for the third time in my college career but I wouldn’t have it any other way. For my English classes I am taking 19th Century Novel, which starts with Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice…you can’t get much better! I am also taking Rhetoric with my advisor Professor Bizzell, a class I have wanted to take for three years. For my History classes I am taking Imperial Russia and The Age of Jackson, opposite ends of the spectrum to be sure but both seem very interesting.

The year is off to a great start and it seems to keep getting better! Instead of pictures I thought I would send along the link to the move-in day video, I didn’t make the cut but lots of CABies did!

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